Wednesday, 20 September 2017

When is the time for change?

How long have you waited? Maybe you have been waiting forever for that right moment to change your life, but you need to understand that the right time to change is right at that moment you are thinking about change, if it wasn't necessary for us to deal with change the idea of changing would have never crossed our minds. Many at times we find ourselves stuck in life simply because we are waiting for the perfect or right time to change or to take the next step in our lifes, the reality is that the is no "right/perfect" time for change, change has never been an easy task from the beginning. take note that "if you find yourself where you were in the past years doing the somethings you used to do, you are stuck in the journey because life is one journey that requires us to keep moving"
The pain or frustrations we face when adapting to change is temporary but the results will forever last. Just out of your comfort zone that's where your full potential, success and strengths lies, all you need to do is to come out and enjoy the fruits of "change". keep on moving looking at the bigger picture
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