Thursday, 28 September 2017

We don't need our peers approval to be who we want to be.

When I was young it really mattered what people would say about me. when somebody told me that i am smart and cute I would be happy, and that boosted my self-esteem. The same applied when my peers told me that I am stupid, ugly and poor, that destroyed my self-esteem. As a child my happiness depended on people, including my family. I needed to hear what people say about me in order to build my identity as a child. Now the problem is when teenagers and adults as well don't leave this need of being recognized behind as they grow-up.
We easily let people's opinion's to cling on us, and we want to do things so that a certain people can see. The thing is we don't need peoples approval in order to make it in life. Think with me, if you believed and followed everything people said about you, you wouldn't be where you are right now, not everyone believed in me and I bet the same applies to you. So your teacher's, friends, colleagues and even your family can not determine your future. Its your responsibility to do so. Believe in yourself, do what you believe in and don't forget to do what makes you happy and pleases God.
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