Wednesday, 17 May 2017

You won the race even before you were born, why stop now?

You were born a winner, the race is yours to win More than 100 million sperms were ejaculated and the race for life began. the fact that the sperm carrying you made it to the ovum before the other 99 million sperms makes you a winner
it was like that from the beginning each and every sperm had one goal to reach the ovum not to carry those that fall along the way or to look out for other sperms, no it was a race and life is a race too dont expect people to be there when you fall. when you fall 20% of the people will rejoice that you have fallen and 80% dont even care whats going on in your life
The minute you realize that you are on your own its the same minute where you will stop depending on people to better your life. dont quit because your dreams dont care how you feel, but you can make it, you win even before you were born
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