Saturday, 29 April 2017

Don't give up, never back down

You have a good Shepherd. You are loved and protected, never alone.

Of course in our natural minds it doesn't always seem this way.

But it's still true.

Whenever you start making even a small bit of progress in your personal journey it seems roadblocks, delays, obstacles begin to surface either to stop you, or to slow you down. 

Some of these obstacles may be fears, or feelings of being overwhelmed, or unqualified, or that perhaps it's just too difficult, or just plain "not worth it".

If we see things from this perspective, it's because we're looking at them naturally, not spiritually. 

The truth is none of those obstacles can stop you. 

They will definitely be something you'll have to contend with. We all have individual giants and mountains in our lives that we have to face, but also true that we're not facing them alone. 

We have a good shepherd with us to guide us, help us, and in some cases remove those obstacles completely and do all of the heavy-lifting for us.

So while we may feel all alone, incapable, or afraid, the true reality is we are not.

Our shepherd is right there alongside us, helping us each step of the way - we are never alone.

With this reality in the front of our mind (not the back of our mind), we can move forward in all that's before us, holding, trusting God is with us and is helping us, empowering us.

Don't back down. Never give up. Never fear. You have a good Shepherd. You are loved and protected, never alone.
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