Saturday, 29 April 2017

Change is unavoidable but growth is optional

There is nothing we can do to stop change. It is inevitable. While we live our lives from day to day we are surrounded by changes going on all around us. Best to just make peace with this and accept it.

Growth, however, is not constant. 

In fact, we could go through many changes in our life without realizing very much growth. There is a certain cooperation we must have in order to grow from our experiences. Though our life lessons are ever-changing, we can simply ignore these lessons God has presented to us. If we harden our hearts and close our minds we will certainly not be able to learn and grow, thus wasting the opportunity we've been given.

God, give us grace to our hearts and minds so we don't waste opportunities, having to relearn lessons we could have learned the first time. Help us be teachable and humble so we can grow in your loving ways.

We know we have free will. Best to use that free will to choose to learn from every situation God brings your way.
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